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      About the Artist

      Hi! I’m Jennifer Elliotson.

      I work from my studio in Jordan Station, Ontario, beneath an old ginkgo tree.

      I’ve always been an artist, but I haven’t always been a painter. For 20 years, I was a professional florist. When I gave up flowers, I fulfilled a life-long ambition of becoming a painter and immediately turned my flower studio into a painting studio. I haven’t looked back. I'm self-taught and have forged my own path, developing a recognizable style that dances between the tension of fine details and broad, loose brushstrokes. Focussing on the relationship between vibrant colour and light, my paintings are lively and expressive.

      Story-telling is at the heart of my subjects and I paint from my own lifetime of experiences and memories. I’m inspired by our vast Canadian landscape, hiking in the Carolinian forest, majestic waterways ... and flowers, of course! In each body of work I create, it’s my hope to not only bring a narrative to life with colour and imagination, but for you to be able to find yourself within it.