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      About the Artist

      Born in Innsbruck, Austria, in 1921, Ingeborg Mohr studied at the University of Breslau, the School of Fine Arts in Linz and then in Graz, Austria. With her husband, Hans Mohr, and their three small children , Ingeborg immigrated to Canada in 1954. The family spent a year living in rural Saskatchewan , where Ingeborg was inspired to create watercolour landscapes that reflected the beauty of the prairie skies.

      Upon moving to Toronto in 1955, Ingeborg was inspired by the local contemporary art scene. She made the transition from representational painting to abstract expressionism, first exploring this freedom from the object through Batiks and then later with oil on paper. She was elected as a member of the Ontario Society of Artists in 1975 and to the Royal Canadian Academy in 1980.

      In 1981 she moved from Toronto to Howe Island , Kingston where she and her husband, Hans Mohr, converted an old barn into an impressive home, studio and gallery space. Ingeborg held several successful exhibitions of her work in the space which always were preceded by a house concert. She had a prolific career that spanned four decades. Her work has been shown in many solo and group exhibitions throughout Canada, the USA and Austria. Her work is held in numerous public and private collections. She has been archived in the Queens University Archives.

      "If I would want to phrase the answer to the question about the meaning of art in our lives – in my life - I would say that my experience of art and my expectations of it would be to lead me deeper into myself, to show me , to invoke in me feelings and responses to life that hitherto have been dormant and not experienced, to break down old and worn out assumptions about the possible meaning of our existence and to add new perspectives – and with it richness – to the experience of being human."