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      About the Artist

      When I was eleven years old my father gave me a toolbox as a lesson in independence. What I discovered, even at that young age, was how to use that treasure trove to imagine, design, and build.

      While my creative journey over the decades has taken twists and turns (classically trained guitarist, film editor, graphic designer, sound editor), it inevitably came full circle, back to that toolbox – and the form, function and beauty of wood.

      From the variance in grain pattern, burl and texture… to the abundance of Canadian species… to the natural aromatics in my Niagara-on-the-Lake workshop, I let the attributes dictate the shape and style of sculpture or the functional objects I create. I often introduce other materials – including metal, stone, and resin – to both showcase and complement the wood.

      When I’m not shaping a piece of spalted maple, I’m jamming on guitar, banjo, mandolin, or ukulele; studying Spanish; or cooking up a gourmet meal.