Home Sweet Home

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Liv 4 Design exclusive. 

Linear hand dyed fiber canvas. 

24" W x 50" H.

About The Artwork

Vita Bohemes’ work is the result of the creative expression by the artist’s love for nature, interior design, color, and natural textures. It is also a result of a grip on the fundamentals of nature, the spirit of life, the constructive force, balance, and embracement of the beauty evoked by natural-organic processes. By suspending hundreds of ethically sourced wool strands to a carefully crafted wood frame, the artist creates an elevated fiber canvas full of texture, warmth, and movement. The fibers are then thoughtfully hand dyed with plant based and custom prepared colors. The end result is an eye catching, sophisticated art piece that invites our senses to experience all layers of textures while admiring the nature and uniqueness of materials, pigments and values.

Artist Shipping Notes:

Shipping from the US to Canada. Shipping provided by USPS. All pieces will be insured for their value. Any item mailed to Canada may be subject to applicable taxes and/or duty. These import fees will be the purchasers responsibility and the purchaser will be contacted by the shipping company to pay such fees prior to the product being delivered.

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